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How To Find A Product And Niche Marketing Research

One of the biggest problems individuals have when working towards building a niche website is finding the actual niche itself. In fact, most individuals struggle to find niche products and niche marketing research ultimately resulting in the failure of the venture. Have no fears though, all I do is search for niche opportunities. This includes focusing on finding niche marketing as a whole. If you want to learn more about how to find a product and niche marketing research, please read on!

Step 1: Identify Your Medium to Make Money

how to find your niche marketing research- make money

This is the easiest and the most difficult part for many individuals. Identify what platform you want to utilize to make money! Seriously, one of the biggest problems online entrepreneurs have is figuring out how to earn money blog website. Whether they should be offering the service on a platform such as Fiverr, or if they will focus on social media to make money. The point is that you have options. Sure, you can focus on all of these. But you are better off focusing on the actual medium in which you will make money.

The most obvious first option is a website. If you want to build a niche website, then check out my article and you will have one built in 15 minutes. We also have a much longer article on how to start a blog and make money if you want to check that out. You can also choose from Social Media Marketing and Other Web Platforms – eBay, Udemy, and so on. There are certainly other creative options. But your best bet is to build out a niche website builder (hint – That is what this website is about!).  Above all, when you attempt to find niche marketing research, you need to establish the medium!

Step 2: Brainstorm Your Brain

find your niche marketing research

This is also another step that everyone forgets. Analyze your own brain for what you are interested in. We have written about finding your niche before and covered this topic but ultimately you really need to first think about what you know. So the one question you need to ask at this point is what do you know about and what interests you? I think that was two questions! Regardless, your expertise is important and ultimately your interests are important.

One of my biggest money makers has been a website of a very personal interest of mine. When I started to build my first niche website builder, I focused on my interests. I went through and created a list of 20 different interests of mine. Literally wrote them down. I then asked myself, what do I know? I narrowed the list to 5 different interests. At that point, I went to Step 2 but ultimately I focused on brainstorming. If you pick a topic or niche that you know, you will be significantly ahead of your competition.

Step 3: Keyword Research

niche marketing research Keyword research

In the previous step, we discussed narrowing your list. Maybe your list now has 5 or 10 topics. Ideally, you have a few options or general niche areas. Once you have that, you really need to focus on keyword research. One of my favorite tools is SEMrush (if you have multiple sites already) but a serious free option is Neil Patel’s UberSuggest. Of course, we have covered plenty of keyword research tools before so feel free to review the list. The bottom line is that you need to take a methodical approach to narrow your brainstorming list and ultimately find the niche marketing research you are looking for!

Ultimately you want to find a keyword from your interests to focus on. For example, if you listed down in your interests niche marketing research for lawyers then through keyword research. You should get attorney advertising, lawyer websites, lawyer blogs, lawyer online marketing products, and a bunch of other keyword suggestions.  There is a lot of research in finding the right keywords but I personally look for volume and competition. If a keyword such as “lawyer niche marketing products” has combinations of it that result in 10,000 monthly searches, then it might be worth looking into.

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Once you have isolated the keyword or keywords you are going to focus on, check out the competition. Literally, Google search it, utilize KWFinder (free for a few searches), and assess how much competition there is. Honestly, you should worry about this if you are competing with Amazon or very large organizations. But, you should not worry about this if you are competing with me. In other words, if I can do it, or if another niche website build can do it, you can do it! Moz does an excellent job of going in-depth on this step so please feel free to read their article.

Step 4: Find Your Niche Marketing Research

how to find your niche marketing research- find your niche

In the previous step, we discussed finding your actual keywords for a niche website. In this step, we will take that niche category and find niche market research. Now, I do want to clarify that some individuals start with a product as step one and back into it. I completely disagree with this method simply because it removes personal motivation. It is almost as if that process attempts to fit a product into your interests, rather than the other way around. It is a shortcut that will ultimately hurt your niche website builder. I have discussed how entrepreneurs succeed in niche marketing research and shortcuts are not the way!

Now first things first. There are physical products and virtual products. I won’t get into which one you should focus on because that is going to be entirely contingent upon the niche you chose. However, it is important to know all of the product and service options out there so that you can market to your audience.

Niche Marketing Research: Physical Products

how to find your niche marketing research- Physical Products

You should check out my article on earning money with niche website builders. But I do want to dive into the product category first. When it comes to products, Clickbank, Amazon, eBay, and Etsy are all great affiliate programs. They all have their positives and negatives but with a combination of the above. You are going to be able to find most physical and digital products available. You can certainly look into additional affiliate programs for physical products but these are all reputable.

One thing I wanted to clarify is that most niche website build should market some sort of physical product. For example, if we are continuing with the niche market research of attorney niche marketing products, and you created a niche website builder in that category, it would be wise to include a book on Amazon related to marketing. The point is that you should not feel that you are limited to service-oriented products rather than physical products. Some of my affiliate websites make excellent revenue through Amazon-related products that might not be the primary products and services I am marketing on those niche website builders.

Niche Marketing Research: Service Products

how to find your niche marketing research- Service Products

When it comes to more service-oriented or digital products, there are many options out there. Commission Junction is one of the largest affiliate networks and can provide you with an endless supply of affiliate programs. For example, commission Junction can connect you to some of the biggest names on the Internet, and just by placing a link on there, if the individual purchases something such as paper from that link, you get a commission. However, you should keep in mind that a lot of Digital Products and affiliate programs for services can be found directly on websites.

Once again continuing to stick with the attorney niche marketing research products. Best could market web hosting or domain names, or even online marketing courses. On your niche website, you would surely provide in-depth information on effective marketing strategies. You would also be able to provide in-depth information on excellent marketing products and services. I merely provide the above as examples of where you can find different niche research products and markets.

On a final note, I would suggest researching your keywords through a Google search and seeing what advertisers are out there. Typically, those advertisers might have affiliate programs for you to market on your future niche website. This is more of an ad hoc research process. When it comes to finding products to market but it is an effective one.

Best of luck with finding your niche products and services. I look forward to all of your questions so please feel free to let me know if there’s anything else I noticed. Have a great weekend!