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TOP 5 Easy Ways to Make Money Online with Your Blog

Best 5 Ways to Make Money Online with Your Blog

Do you have a blog and want to make money online at home? Here are five methods that other marketers have used to very successfully make money online with their blogs.

Make Money Online for AdSense


AdSense is a great starting point for anyone looking to make money online from their blog.

You can install AdSense on just about any website on just about any topic and start making money almost instantly.

Once you’ve proven that a website has money-making potential through AdSense, you’ll generally make more money by switching to one of the methods below.

Best Way to Make Money Online: Affiliate Products


One easy way to make money is to sell affiliate products. These are products owned, created, and sold by others. All you need to do is send them traffic with a special link and you’ll be paid a commission anytime they buy.

There are three general types of affiliate programs:

  • Electronic items like eBooks, which you can find on
  • Physical goods which you can find on and
  • Pay-per-action programs which you can find on and

Easy Way to Make Money Online: Create and Sell Your Products


Another way to make money online from your blog is to create your products.

These can be physical products that you can easily set up on, or they can be digital download products that you can easily set up on PayPal or Clickbank.

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Membership Programs


Starting your membership program is an easy ways to make money online for good cash.

Case Study: An early blog on SEO used to monetize by selling advertising on its blog. It wasn’t making very much money. It decided to sell a membership website for its top content and SEO support.

Today, that site has almost 300 members paying $300 a month. That’s almost $90,000 a month. There’s no way you’ll ever make that kind of money by doing AdSense or affiliate programs.

A membership program can be anywhere from $5 a month for frivolous content to $2,000 a month for high-end business programs.

Paid Product Reviews

Another best ways to make money online from home with your blog is to do paid product reviews.

Note that people pay you just to do the reviews, NOT to say positive things about their product. They’re paying you for exposure, not for you to change your opinion. You need to keep your journalistic integrity and only publish what you truly think, or you’ll risk losing your audience.

Paid reviews are especially common in industries where people are doing a lot of shopping, such as the iPhone app market.

These are five methods that many marketers have used again and again to make anywhere from a small bit of money to truly impressive sums. Find the method that works for you, get good at it and you’ll find money rolling into your bank account in no time.