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What is Most Important to Google. What is best SEO

What is Most Important to Google SEO? What is Best for SEO?

It’s a very common question for anyone starting to study SEO or hearing about it. Whenever I work with new professionals and introduce them to SEO, one of the most frequently asked questions is: what is most important to Google SEO? What is most relevant? Friend nobody knows! Only Google!

What I can tell you is that, yes, we have an idea, and this is based on our own experience and on several cases of SEO or professionals in the field around the world. Fortunately, the SEO and digital marketing community as a whole have a large volume of content shared on the internet that helps us a lot in this mission of placing a page well positioned on Google. But unfortunately, he, being the owner of the internet search (with the exception of China where he was banned), is the one who decides what he will consider not as more important for his user to judge if his site and its pages are or are not. important to place well in search results.

But don’t despair. As I said earlier, it is possible to know what will work and what will not. However, there is no exact formula for all websites in the world. This depends a lot on several factors that will impact your website’s SEO, such as your niche or market, competitors, users or customers, and especially Google, which decides when to change its search algorithm. Sometimes he warns… sometimes he waits for you to notice the difference.

What I can tell you: There are ways to know what works best.

Tests, tests, and more tests

Test your theories. Do A/B tests. But be sure to test. In SEO, this is the most important factor. As I said earlier, what works for one may not work for another. Change titles, do link building, and create content! Always test!!! That way, you’ll know what works and what doesn’t for your business.

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Measure everything you do

It’s no use creating tests, strategies, and actions if you don’t measure these changes. Have good web analytics installed on your site, or more than one depending on its size, and track the metrics that make the most sense. See how your organic hits are doing, compare your desk and mobile visits, compare organic traffic with other channels such as paid, email, and also with respect to the entire volume of the site. If you don’t keep track of the numbers, you won’t know what’s going right or wrong.

Read and study. Everyday!

SEO is very volatile and Google is crazy! Do you know how many times a year Google changes how its algorithm works per year? Well, neither do I. It is estimated to be around 600 changes. And how do we know what will have the most impact? Reading. Follow the main blogs in the area (I recommend Moz and Search Engine Land, in addition to Google itself ) and SEO professionals on Twitter ( me, and see this list of SEOs from abroad and Brazilian SEOs ). Whenever possible, also read about Google’s algorithm patents and webmaster support material that Google makes available on the internet.

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What brought me the most SEO return to date?

Performance: the lighter the pages of a site and the faster the pages load, the greater the gain in organic access.

HTTPS: the more secure the site, the more organic access returns.

Content: Still King! I have a website with no update that receives an average of 6000 visits per month just because of the content produced within it. Create quality content that people are looking for.

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Link Building: It takes time to bring in return, but it’s worth it when done correctly.

Mobile site: More than 50% of Google searches are mobile. Increasingly, he has given preference to websites that have responsive or mobile versions that favor the user experience.

What has worked best for you so far? Leave it in the comments!!!