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35+ Successful Ways To A Niche Website Ideas

Thank you again to the people who have contacted me over the past few days.  I realize that not many people are reading this blog right now, but it is always nice to see your comments.  However, I did get contacted twice regarding actual Niche Site Ideas.  Although I plan to create a weekly newsletter that will include Niche Site ideas, I felt it might be necessary to discuss the options for a niche site.  Although I have discussed How To Find A Product And Niche Marketing Research in my tutorial, I felt it would be wise to elaborate on my definition of a Niche Website.

Defining Niche

In my eyes, a Niche Website can be as broad or defined as a person wants it to be.  This means, that Niche does not always mean something small.  I believe it has more to do with the level of competition for the topic and the level of passion you have for a topic.  The one common thread in my opinion is that Niche Websites, once built, require little maintenance.  

Now, it is always wise to continue testing the site and adding some new content, but one of my niche sites I rarely touch.  I believe that the end goal is the same as well: The Ability to Build Passive Income.  So as you can see, niche website Ideas can be as large or as small as you want them to be.

Niche Website Ideas Size

I have built Niche Websites that are 10 pages and others in the hundreds.  In my experience, the larger ones develop much more authority over some time if developed correctly.  With that being said, I do not believe size matters.  I believe that if you are providing something valuable along with implementing a proper SEO plan, your Niche Site can be successful.  

There is not one set size because Niche Websites develop over some time.  Yes, you may start with 10 pages and slowly grow to 100.  On the other hand, you might start with 10 and stay with 10.  The point is that too many people are looking for a quick method.  By focusing on finishing as quickly as possible, we are losing the mission of our website.  Maintain Your Mission, Maintain Your Margins.

Niche Website Ideas Topics

The greatest part about Niche Websites is that the topic itself is almost always different.  If you are in finance then you might focus on financial topics because you are passionate about the subject.  However, your Niche Sites are likely different.  Finding a topic can be difficult but the biggest issue I believe people have is thinking outside of the box.  Too often we focus on finding a niche with a search engine rather than looking into who we are.  This is why I discussed How to Start a Blog in my tutorial.  Stick to Passion, Purpose, and Profits when it comes to finding your topic.  Evaluate the competition later!

Types of Niche Website Ideas

find your niche product research-niche-website-ideas

Now, as discussed earlier, finding Niche Topics can be tough because many people focus on one specific area of communication.  However, there are many many different types of Niche Websites.  I have taken the liberty of listing types of Niche Websites Ideas.

Niche Website Ideas: Product Reviews  

These Niche Websites focus on specific products or a line of products.  I have seen many successes in this arena.  One of the best methods is to focus on an actual action that requires products to solve the problem.  It is an excellent method because while discussing a problem, you are focusing on product reviews to take care of the problem.

Niche Website Ideas: eBooks

eBooks can be tough because they normally require that you have an audience.  However, if done correctly you might see success with this.  Once again, you can focus on a problem people have such as keeping their finances organized.  You can develop your eBook focused on these types of tips and tricks.  Although this is just an example, the eBook Niche Site is a proven method by many.

Niche Website Ideas: Website Reviews  

This is an interesting one.  Do you develop a website that reviews other websites?  Hmmm.  This is a great idea.  Often you will focus on review websites that have some form of payment involved.  For example, you might choose to review Cloud Storage Services.  For each Cloud Storage company such as Dropbox, you include an affiliate link.  I truly believe this is one underutilized area.

Niche Site Ideas: Apps

Alright, so this is less of a Website and more of a product.  You can create a Niche Website that discusses Apps around the topic.  You can even include your App if you can get one developed.  I have seen this done by a friend for financial applications and he has seen a lot of success.

Niche Site Ideas: Local  

As we know, local is huge right now.  You can develop websites entirely devoted to services or products in an individual area.  If optimized correctly, this can be an extremely well-performing niche site.  It is important to understand that there are many services people look for that are completely local.

Now, there are many more and I will continue to keep you updated.  I just wanted to take a moment to let you know my thoughts.  Niche Websites Are More Than Tiny Niches.  Keep contacting me with questions.  A full inbox does get old but for now, I think I can handle it!

2022 Niche Website Ideas List

how to find your niche marketing research- niche website ideas

One of my goals for 2022 has been to maintain an ongoing list of niche website ideas. Some are being explored by myself, and others and many have individual websites out there. The point is that you can take these ideas and take the niche idea to the next level. I do a lot of research when it comes to niche website ideas and this is an ongoing list of that research. The bottom line is that most, if not all of these, I would build today if I could. Here is my ongoing list of ideas:

  1. Smart Kitchens
  2. Home Theater Sound Systems
  3. Baby Exercise Equipment
  4. Baby Bottles and Feeding Niche
  5. Baby Sleeping Equipment
  6. Face Mask Review Website
  7. Home Hair Cutting Kits
  8. Men’s Non-Facial Grooming Niche Site
  9. Niche Hair Care Website (Coloring/Dandruff)
  10. Subscription Review Website (Multiple Options Here)
  11. Home Safety Website
  12. Home Lighting Website (Indoor and Outdoor)
  13. Cashless Shopping and How to Website (Perhaps Focus on Utilizing Phones for Commerce and Review New Amazon Cashless Shopping)
  14. Vitamin Applications
  15. Airport Food Blog (Market Travel Related Programs)
  16. Unique Hotels (Focus on Airbnb and emerging unique hotel escapes)
  17. Anything Blockchain
  18. Website Focused on B2B Multi Login Tools *Google it!
  19. Cannabis-Related Travel
  20. Personal Shoppers Review Site (think reviewing all of the services Kroger, Walmart, and others are using right now)
  21. Restaurant Delivery Reviews (Think GrubHub)
  22. Automated Bookkeeping Industry Site
  23. Environmentally Friendly Home Brewing
  24. Anything 3D Printing Related!
  25. Rental Management Related Blog!
  26. Canned Wine Review Blog
  27. Disaster Relief-Focused Blog
  28. Lifestyle Blog on Parents Retiring (think elderly care products and so on)
  29. Transcribing Software-Focused Blog
  30. Recycled Materials for Home Products Site
  31. Smartphone and Tech Addiction Site
  32. Camper Innovative Products Blog (Think having a blog focusing on self-inflating campers, solar lights for campers, and so on)
  33. Candle Making Blog
  34. Beard Oil and Cleaning Website
  35. Home-Made Baby Food
  36. Cell Phone Chargers (think of more innovative ideas like wireless charging)

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this ongoing list of niche website ideas. Our goal is to provide you with great ideas to make your mark in the niche website world. Feel free to shoot me a message with any questions. We will continue to add to this!