You are currently viewing The Best SMTP2GO Reviews in 2023: Details, Pricing, & Features
The Best SMTP2GO Reviews in 2023

The Best SMTP2GO Reviews in 2023: Details, Pricing, & Features

The SMTP2GO review is going to be a complete guide on the email marketing delivery site SMTP2GO review which removes the burden of email delivery on time. This site began as a solution for those people who could not send emails from remote areas. You never know when your email service provider stops responding and the mail that you have sent to another person never reaches that person, creating trouble for you. So, for all those moments when you feel like throwing away your laptop out of sheer anger, the smtp2go email service provider is the best healer.

It’s going to act like a transparent box, where, you have a collection of all your emails, with all the details about their delivery. Other ways of sending your emails such as your, ISP or web hosts SMTP email server and your dedicated email servers from Rackspace, are often poorly run and configured wrong. They have a very unpredictable downtime and often have a limit to the number of emails that can be sent at a time, which you do not want to cater to. While purchasing a dedicated server from any company like Rackspace will cost you around 750$ per month, and you do not want your money going down the drain that way.

What Does SMTP2Go Reviews Do:

The Best SMTP2GO Reviews in 2023
The Best SMTP2GO Reviews in 2023

This company handles all kinds of email marketing and attachments and deals with every user individually. If you are sitting abroad or traveling and you want to send emails and attachments to your clients or friends you don’t want your service provider to take 30 seconds for an attachment that could be sent in 3 seconds or you don’t want a message on your screen popping up saying ‘Email not sent or ‘server unable to connect.’ Nothing could frustrate you more than this.

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Smtp2go has never received any complaint of this sort from any user hence it has reached the position where it is right now. It’s not like this server will only work like magic on your laptops, in fact, it works on your iPhone or PDA as well. Setting up does not even take more than 2 minutes and you don’t have to hang on to your laptop for the setup to get loaded, in fact, only typing in your email service provider will fix your email software settings. The company is growing fast and works like a lightning bolt with over 50K+ customers in over 100 countries. Their logo “Our solution works” is definitely what they provide their customers to say about them too.

Feature of SMTP2Go Reviews:

Now let’s come down to how to use this site. This SMTP email server works all the time no matter wherever you are in the world. You might be thinking that I am exaggerating all this since all smtp2go servers might guarantee such things to their customers but no, this email service provider does not speak for itself its customers speak for it.

You can use up to 5 email addresses and send attachments up to 20MB per email without any problem interfering with your email. They have been handling this business since 2006 and they exactly know how it works. Their servers are hosted in the USA and they check the status of their network 24 hours a so that their customers never launch any complaints and never face a problem using them.

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Their customers are spanning all over the globe with this excellent service in hand. No matter where you are placed or where you are headed, using this server there is no chance of mishandling your emails and not sending them on time to their respective location.

Using SMTP2GO you can track your emails and find them in your inbox in no time. You can go through the list of spam which you can not do using other servers. At a rate of $0-$75/month, you can send exactly 600 to 100,000 emails while at a rate of $149-$1299/month you can send 200,000 to 500,000 emails. Both ways it’s not costing you as much as it will cost you using other servers like Rackspace.

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The Good About SMTP2Go Reviews:

With these low and high packages, you can send emails worldwide to unlimited senders observing a secure email-sending server and you obviously will find out about the authentication of SMTP. It has an IP-based and Address-based authentication. It will show you real-time tracking, bounced or invalid emails, spam reports, an automated weekly summary of your emails sent and received, and API access. It comes with an IP Blacklist removal and monitoring and has a Proactive ISP checking system.

Hence Smtp2go, which is pro in handling emails, is the best choice by all since you get to have a look at where your emails are headed and when they get to their destination.

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The SMTP2GO Reviews Bad You Should Know :

The only things you will not receive using the low package are Dedicated IP addresses and ReturnPath Certification Option. There is no long way of paying your monthly money you can do it online sitting at home within a few minutes hardly, using PayPal or a credit card chosen to bill in your local currency. You have the power to change or cancel your plans at any time, there’s no such thing as a contract that you would have signed with the company that would restrict you from canceling the package.

Moreover, if you face any sort of problem, help is available 24/7 no matter what the issue is they would solve their customer’s problem and make sure they satisfy their customer. Furthermore, if you don’t trust the company instantly, you can also join a seven-day free trial no matter wherever you are located, and you can keep using your existing email software side by side just to feel the difference for yourself.

SMTP2GO Reviews Final Words:

This SMTP2GO server is perfect for travelers and in case you face a problem and nothing works you can try an external SMTP service provider. It is not complicated as other servers, so there is a probability of you not facing trouble using and comprehending it. In other words, this is the best in the market.