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The Best Free Web Hosting For WordPress

I have so many people asking for free web hosting for wordpress. A few of the most popular reasons are that; can’t afford it or don’t have a credit/debit card or PayPal account to pay for it. Until you get your mojo, your best option is going to be a free blog at 

If you can’t live with’s restrictions of NO monetization,  NO bridging to monetized sites,  NO theme uploads, or NO plugin installations and want a self-hosted blog, but don’t want to pay for hosting, all I can say is free WordPress hosting is NOT the way to get it.

How Important Is Your Blog?

Free Web Hosting For WordPress

Ask yourself, how important is this blog going to be to you? If you’re just screwing around, go do it on that cesspool called Facebook.

On the other hand, is your goal to make money with AdSense or affiliate programs? I have got a tutorial step-ste TOP 5 Easy Ways to Make Money Online with Your Blog. Do you want an easy way to share events with family members or friends? Maybe it’s for a business and you need a way to make announcements. Whatever the reason, if you woke up one day and it was gone, would you care? If the answer is yes, DO NOT USE FREE WORDPRESS HOSTING!

Free Web Hosting for WordPress-Scam

I have experienced this as well as many others. It was all cool when I signed up for free Web hosting for WordPress, built my blog, and started getting some traffic to it. Then one day I went to make a post and it was gone. I couldn’t log in to the dashboard, and couldn’t even find the blog in the browser. It was as if I had never built it.

So I contacted their support department to find out WTF. No answer. Turns out that the free web hosting account didn’t come with tech support. It also turns out that because I didn’t upgrade to a paid account after a few weeks, they deleted the account. Not only did they delete my account, but they also deleted the referral fees I earned for referring others to their free service.

Cheap Paid Web Hosting For WordPress

You can get cheap web hosting from Namecheap and a free domain name for only $3.88/month. They have 1 plan, 1 price, and your choice of a 1 or 2-yr term. It’s only $2.18/month. With no other options, it’s only $25.88 upfront. They’ve got a script installer in the Ops control panel and you’ll be able to install WordPress with just a click or two. Click here for Namecheap.

VPS Hosting for WordPress Plans

One of the most popular web hosts is Hostinger at only $3.49/mo for a 1-yr term. The total upfront price is only $41.88. It’s very popular because they have an anytime money-back guarantee, a very easy-to-use hPanel control panel with the very robust SimpleScripts script installer for WordPress, and more. They’ll give you a free domain name, too. They are 100% wind-powered. Benefit from your green marketing campaign with free green badges for your site. I’ve got a complete tutorial on How to Start a Blog for Free and Make Money OnlineClick here for Hostinger

In Summary

If you value your blog, don’t use free Web hosting for WordPress.